Roundup of Hosting Blogs

Keeping track of all the latest developments in the web hosting world can be a mind boggling task for anyone. Considering the hundreds of pages churned out on a daily basis, it is humanely impossible to remember what happened when. However, for someone who needs to keep them updated about the latest happenings in the hosting world, finding an alternative solution is imperative. It is for such individuals that we do our monthly roundup of hosting blogs that pertain to the biggest and smartest innovations, industry news, technological advancements, acquisitions and much more.

Hosting Blog

This information allows most web hosts out there to judge the general mood among website owners, what they expect from their hosting plans how they can improve the overall experience and so on. Similarly, website owners get to know all the latest things happening in the hosting community, whether they are getting maximum return from their hosting plan or whether it is time to try out a new web host service provider.

So, here is the latest roundup of hosting blogs from across the globe.

  • Difference between shared hosts, VPS and Dedicated servers: This one never really gets old which is why we include this in almost all our roundups. No matter how many times we have published this, we get received emails and queries from customers seeking advice as to which type of hosting would work for them best. Instead of scattering our answers in different places, we have put it together in many discussions in this blog. One needs to have a clear understanding about the merits and demerits of each type of hosting before they can make a decision. Typically shared hosting cost less and Dedicated cost most. In fact, there is no clear cut solution or a one-size-fits-all philosophy when it comes to choosing one. And the choice that you make may not necessarily stay forever. You might consider upgrading or downgrading at a later stage depending on your business requirements. Therefore, a clear understanding is imperative.
  • Using Cloud technology for your business: We would like to tell you that Cloud technology is the next big thing and it is here to stay, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is meant for you. As it is the case with all technological innovations, there are a set of people who would benefit from it and there are quite a lot of others it would affect adversely. A detailed analysis of your business vis-à-vis the cloud sourcing is essential before you make a call on adapting this for your business.
  • One billions strong: You read that right, the number of websites have reached one billion, which is roughly 15% of the human population. To think that this was achieved in a mere two decades says volumes about the rise of the internet. And it is our strong guess that we don’t have to wait for decades to take this number to two billions.
  • Net Neutrality has been the raring topic among net advocates worldwide. With very prominent players taking up positioning on both sides, the internet is set for an epic clash down in the near future.

With that, we conclude the roundup of hosting blogs.