SiteGround vs. iPage Web Hosting Services

SiteGround and iPage web hosting services are two very popular hosting services that had stayed in the industry for more than a decade, and within this course of time a large customer base had been created by both companies. The majority portion of this base is mostly satisfied, and they would certainly vouch for these respective companies if recommendation has been asked from these people. They have some fundamental differences in service providing method though, for example SiteGround provides hosting services through different plans while iPage has only one plan that includes everything.

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In terms of pricing, both companies offer attractive discounts through their official websites like SiteGround coupon codes from SelectedHosting.

Shared Web Hosting Plans

A web hosting company basically thrives in the industry by selling their shared web hosting plans. Shared hardware resources are used in such web hosting services, the service output would vary depending on the user load and the pricing is much lesser than dedicated hardware because the service quality isn’t always guaranteed.

However, SiteGround has three shared hosting plans divided in three different tiers. The plans go by names StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. StartUp plan is offered at $9.95/month, GrowBig comes at $9.95/month and GoGeek is offered at $14.95/month. These plans offer 10 GB, 20 GB and 30 GB of hard drive space respectively. Only the StartUp plan offers one domain registration while the other two packages offer multiple domain registration. There’s no monthly bar on bandwidth allocation, however StartUp plan can serve up to 10,000 visitors/month, GrowBig can serve 25,000 visitors/month and GoGeek can serve 100,000 vistors/month without any issue.

On the other hand, iPage has only one shared hosting plan when it comes to website hosting. There’s no complicated package choosing issue for iPage subscribers, because they only have to pay $1.99/month for the Essential plan. Every standard feature that a shared hosting should have, is provided through the Essential plan and users haven’t complained about the lacking of many plans, so far. There’s a free website builder for beginners, effective supervision and suggestion are provided for online marketing and SEO, 1 click installer wizards help installing Photo Galleries, Blog windows etc. and many more add-ons. For only $1.99/month, a customer gets unlimited hard drive space and unlimited monthly bandwidth. The domain registration is free, SiteLock security ensures website security.

Performance and Uptime

SiteGround has three different locations for server placement – US, Europe and Asia-Pacific while iPage operates on centralized servers. However, this isn’t much of an issue if serving a specific region is not a concern. Speaking of server uptime, SiteGround has kept their promise of 99.9% uptime throughout the year; while the iPage uptime was slightly below their promised rate, around 98%. However, for the price there should not be any complaint at all.

Customer Support

The customer support is excellent for both companies. Hotline, email, live chat and support tickets are the methods of customer support adopted by both iPage and SiteGround. In the assistance matter, both companies kind of outrun each other.


Out of SiteGround and iPage hosting plans, which one is the best? Well, there’s no specific saying on this issue, since their packages are much different. If you prefer a package less complicated to understand, go for iPage’s Essential plan. And if you could bear the hassle of searching your perfect web hosting plan, then SiteGround is the best service out there.