WordPress Hosting on BlueHost Hosting Service

BlueHost web hosting service is very popular among the newcomers to the website industry, not to mention the veteran website owners as well. BlueHost provides one click WordPress plugin installation facility on their hosting servers which makes this company more acceptable to the bloggers. Newbies are the targeted customer base for this WordPress hosting, however, this service will come very handy even to the people with advanced experience on website hosting. People with more geeky preference might find BlueHost too ‘ready-made’, but for the rest of the people this should do just fine. WordPress hosting is very reasonably priced and their fast and stable service wins it all.

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What Makes BlueHost Popular?

Before jumping into the WordPress hosting, let us clarify why 9 out of 10 people suggest BlueHost web hosting service over any other web hosting services. Of course all these reputation comes in exchange to the global standard service they provide. BlueHost is a US based company, operating in various different states and offering their service to the world. Upon subscribing for their service, a customer gets a free domain which is free forever. And if a free domain is not the perfect thing you are looking for, then just pay the required fees and get your domain name up and running. There are shared, dedicated and VPN hosting services and the cost starts from as low as $6.95. And of course, the WordPress hosting service we are talking about. BlueHost coupon is mostly popular for their shared hosting service, since that’s the hosting service selling the most. It has not been very long since the WordPress hosting service was introduced but it has already made a remark.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting

The price starts from only $24.99 on this hosting package, but for the first month you get to avail the service at half its original price, at $12.49. By this time, you would have understood the worth already! BlueHost’s existing hosting plans were called Professional, Business and Enterprise and this WordPress hosting is named Blogger.

A compact set of features is offered with the blogger hosting package. On this package, 100 million views per month is the highest limit it, Bluehost is truly best web hosting on the planet which support Bluehost coupons. However, if a website starts getting more views then the owner could definitely upgrade to a higher featured package paying just tiny bit more.

Unlike the other packages, the storage isn’t really unlimited. Instead, only 30 GB of storage and backup space is offered with BlueHostWordPress hosting. 5 WordPress sites could be managed under hosting; however, only one free domain is allocated to each subscription. More could be purchased if required.

2 GB of RAM is sufficient enough for a new website. This package has been designed assuming that the users are newbies whose websites are not yet pressing a lot on the infrastructure, hence these limitations.

Money Back Guarantee

BlueHost’s impressive 97 days money back guarantee applies to this hosting plan as well. If you are not satisfied within the given period of time, just pull of your investment and give up the subscription. Most likely this would not happen.

Customer Care Support

BlueHost is a USA based company and the service is provided 24/7 via hotlines on USA only. Rest of the world could refer to the textual support which is also maintaining the necessary standard.

Intuitive cPanel and Security

The user friendly cPanel makes it way easier to manage a website, you might have never wondered how easy handling a website could get.


Since the beginning, BlueHost is now a company of nearly a million subscribers. Such many number of people don’t blindly use BlueHost without any reason! And the reason is definitely the reliability and respect worth your hard earned money.


No hosting package could get any better than this dedicated WordPress based hosting package! Click here for rest details about Bluehost WordPress hosting with Discount coupons. Paying just $12.49 anyone can kick start their blogging with a complete set up; there’s nothing really more than this to ask for.