In a Dilemma About or

As a human it’s too apparent to go with the top option. As a blogger, the options appear in the form of dilemma with the name, or Let’s have a comparative analysis on this regard and stay away from any sort of confusion.

It’s great to have the clear picture in-front prior going from to On this context, have a look at the positive aspects of going with the

What’s creamy about

First, the platform is free and damn sleek to use. It provides better control over the data. The best part above all is that there is least chances of the site being terminated in any way, as long as it is unauthorized.

The platform provides enough scope for blending add-ons, dealing with conventional themes, changing the style. In addition, it offers full liberty of making business through your own ads and doing it your way.

Mark the point’s prior going with

You have to go for a best hosting plan. The users have to be responsible for the updates; anyway, don’t take it too serious as this is too simple to perform. No need to be really worried about the plug-in as there are ample options on this regard available. The native Akismet with the platform takes care of the unnecessary stuff quite nicely.

What’s good about

wordpress .com

The WordPress. Com offers about 3 GB free space. Anyway, you need to spend $19.95 per year for 5GB after it. It keeps on providing spontaneous back-up for the site.

The expensive offers ads on any free platforms. If you are too careful about the user satisfaction, and wish not to make these ads available for them, then you have to pay $29.97 per year to keep your site ad-free

The users are not having the flexibility to make business with the site unless you are having the magic number of 25,000 page views. Anyway, you can go with the As Control program, but mind it that you have to make your mind for equal share of the revenues.

Another aspect is that you simply can’t go with the plug-in. If you still want it, then it demands to go with the VIP plans and wants to spend $3750 per month.

which wordpres to choose

For Customization and analytics:

There is no option of going with the custom themes. It means, you are going to be just another site among millions with the same look. Anyway, you can have the CSS update that costs $30 per year. Through it, you simply can alter the look of your site.

There is restriction in terms of analytics as well. You simply can’t go with extra analytics tools. Any, difference with the terms and services can lead towards termination of your site. The most disappointing part is that it’s still a WordPress.Com site though you have paid fr their updates.

Our Verdict:

If blogging is just like a hubby, or you have no intention of making money with it, then the is a good thing. But, if you are here for your bread and butter, then self hosted should be your priority. It turns out to be really cost effective for you.

As we have given you the statistics above that makes it apparent that despite sending more than $75 you can’t play your way.

The Hosting Suggestion:

Go for the Bluehost hosting, the official WordPress recommendation, that offers free domain as well, and you have entire control for your site . You can’t get the free domain name with any other hosting houses. On a whole, any other hosting house will cost you an extra $10 in terms of domain charge and others.


Though, the dashboard controls for both the platforms are of equal levels; but, looking at the above analytical presentation it is pretty much clear that is a much better option than