Top 5 Reasons to Go with HostGator Hosting

HostGator is one of the top picks as the hosting option; especially with WordPress hosting. Starting from the beginners in blogging arena, to professionals, or the business people it has specs that suit all. HostGator is having enough reason in its account to be a top notch. However, we have discussed below the best 5 among those.

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Sleekest Control Panel and spam free:

No matter what is your hosting type, a better cPanel is always crucial. HostGator has the sleekest interface that lets the user in setting mail accounts, or file transferring kind of works in the best way. You can have the best WordPress set up through the HostGator cPanel.

In addition HostGator ensures the best prevent from the spam. It has the Spam Assassin that simply doesn’t allow spam mails over your account.

The ultimate WordPress option:

If WordPress is you’re CMS, then simply it can be said you should have no other option than the HostGator. The very smart Fantastico is the tool present over cPanel that makes the WordPress installation the easiest job. HostGator is the platform that has been optimized thoroughly for WordPress. It is always important that your content system get the best support from the host, and you can ensure for the best result with HostGator and WordPress combination.

Very good Uptime and discounted price:

Uptime is a must consider point while looking for a hosting option. On this context, HostGator is definite to offer 99.9% uptime. It ensures no loss of traffic through the always on uptime from HostGator.

You are here with your web presence means you are in a hunt of some extra financial benefit. HostGator has numerous coupons those can offer you best discounted price. For beginners, and especially for WordPress, it is having a whole page available to go with the best combination, or best deal. Get hostgator black friday discount by visiting my website. 

Best for coders, and SEO:

No matter it is blogging, or ecommerce your choice, SEO is a must for you. HostGator has the most convenient tool that makes you best understanding SEO, or get the best of it. However, no matter whether you plan to go with the WordPress, Joomla, installation can be best handled through HostGator only. It is having above 75 native scripts those make it damn sleek.  HostGator is like a heavenly platform for the coders. It works nice with popular coding platforms like PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails, CGI, etc.

Excellent Support system, best Backup Options

You can’t get better tutor support than HostGator. It loads you with more than 550 tutorials in video format, and about 700 helps.

Backup is one of the crucial needs for any sort of website, and HostGator makes it the easiest thing. It provides the additional safety so that you can easily renovate your site without any issues. In addition, it has the flexibility that lets you shift to any other hosting house without any worry. The best part is that you don’t need to pay any extra on this regard. The complete site can be transferred without any cost. Click here to know more about HostGator hosting and HostGator coupons.

Finally if still any problem appears, the support system stays alert 24 x 7 to receive your query and solve it on the spot.

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